Marcia Marie Scully, CNC

Background and Experience

Whenever I am asked to provide my bio, I always reflect on the awareness that I have been intrigued by good nutrition since early childhood. Raised on an Iowa farm, I helped grow and raise most of what we ate at mealtime, which engendered in me a deep love and appreciation for Nature and the importance of protecting and nurturing all living things. I gained a very helpful confidence in the ability of life to replenish life.

My first training was in Secondary Education. After receiving my degree in 1971, I taught high school English for 14 years, while I began raising my children . At a certain point in time, I felt I could help young adults in a more practical way if I got my Nutrition degree and taught them how to care for their bodies.

Upon completing my course work in Nutrition, I chose Seasonal Nutrition as my emphasis. Since that time, I have been in private practice, helping hundreds of individuals and families restore the natural rhythm of the body through the stable, practical, natural science of Nutrition.

During those years, I was also receiving further Nutrition training in “The School of Life” while caring for my children, particularly my daughter who was born multiply-handicapped.  Because she could not chew or swallow well, I took great care and patience to feed her the foods that would truly nourish her, without triggering her extreme gag reflex. I consider the experiences of those years to be as valuable as any academic training I have received.

In the past 8 years, I have updated my original degree work by doing additional study in the areas of:  Learning Disabilities, Women’s Health Issues, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, and Metabolic Function.

My childhood experiences in Nature, my years of training, teaching, parenting and nutritional consulting have given me a sincere devotion to protecting and conserving all life, and to a strong love for helping anyone who wishes to do the same, by way of good daily nutrition.

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